Sunday, 14 June 2015

Adventures In Stitchcraft - Moving on to April 1934

Firstly, apologies for missing last week entirely! It was a long weekend here and there was just no way I was going to be able to get the post written, photographed, etc.

Now it is time to have a look at the April 1934 issue of Stitchcraft.

There are some fabulous knits in this issue.

Knitted beachwear, anyone?

A shirt and shorts outfit is the most comfortable thing you can wear; these shorts have clever pleats strategically placed. The ribbed suit is backless and can be knitted with or without skirt as preferred.

I really like the knitted short sleeve shirt from the beachwear set.

Love the description for the Halo Hat! Not sure if I am 'unlined' enough to qualify!

Nearly every woman with a reasonably unlined forehead can wear the 'halo' hat with success.

Another for a girl in her teens. The right sort of smart simplicity - and so easy to knit!

I love all the jumpers in different rib patterns featured in Stitchcraft. 

And some tennis knits.

The well-shaped tennis woollies on this month's cover will cost you so little when you knit them yourself.
The little coat with puff sleeves gives warmth without weight, it is just what you need for slipping on between sets, and the Angora used for it comes in such charming colours.
The man's pullover is the regulation style. The one photographed for the cover is in Old Lancing colours; you will, of course, substitute the School, University or Club colours of the fortunate man you make it for.

Or you could have sent away to Stitchcraft to receive the pattern to make a sleeveless pullover, like the one below.

Baby knits for this issue.
A great many modern mothers are completely eliminating frocks from the outfits designed to see their newborns through the first few months. Jersey and leggings sets such as these are substituted; these are worn over a vest, knitted body belt and napkin, and a coat is added when the infant is taken out of doors.
The great advantage of this system of clothing is the freedom given for kicking exercise.

I know a napkin is a cloth nappy or diaper, but a knitted body belt? I cannot picture what that could be. Any ideas?

In ecru or white, this set of cuffs and bow make a charming finish for a plain frock. 

Love these! They make me think of something shopgirls would have worn. 

A blouse knitted in silk is useful to wear with a lightweight suit. This attractive affair is very simple to knit. The original blouse is in green and white.

I really love this particular issue of Stitchcraft - so many wonderful knits. And I haven't even got to the embroidery and other projects yet!

Now, how am I progressing with my projects to date?

I am knitting away on the Shoulders jumper from November 1933. This is where I am at the moment - nearly up to the shaping for the armholes on the back.

And from the February 1934 issue, the embroidered daisy cloth. 

I really like the way this turned out. I think I will use it as a tray cloth or little tablecloth for teatime.

Apologies for the fact that this is the photo from the magazine - my camera has decided to go crazy! I will attempt, with my extensive technological expertise!, to fix it during the week.

Next week, I will show some more lovely projects from April 1934 and decide what to make from this issue. 
Hope you can join me!


  1. One of these days I might pick up a crochet hook or dig out my cottage garden embroidery patterns again. A crochet poncho sounds particularly desireable right about now, while it is cold and the sun is doing its tricky bright-but-no-warmth thing.

    1. Oh yes, there are some great ponchos when I get to the 70s patterns!
      It was a gorgeous day here today, but you are right, no warmth to it. Great for gardening though - didn't get too hot!

  2. It always makes me laugh when I realise that when they did patterns for matrons it meant old biddies like me , matron. Humph....

    1. I know - sad, isn't it?! I am definitely in the plus size matron category, according to Stitchcraft.

  3. Crochet poncho's sound great. Your knitting is coming along nicely. I have been thinking of knitting my little boy (3yo) a jumper or cardigan. All my girls had hand knitted items from their grandmothers but none for my little boy as they had past away by then. I am a basic knitter. Do you have any recommendations for a pattern I could use?

    1. I would have a look on Ravelry - literally thousands of free patterns on there. It is amazing. I'll have a look myself and see what I can find for you.

  4. Oh yes I think that the knitted belt is referring to old fashioned sanitary napkins for women. They were used to go around the waist to secure non adhesive sanitary pads. I remember my mother giving me some "Now You're a Young Lady" booklets published by Kotex and they had napkins like the ones today but with extended tails that would be attached to security belts. I found those booklets very interesting ands a bit perplexing as a teenager. That was my Mum's attempt at sex education:)

    1. I remember those booklets too. I think adhesive ones were just coming in.