Thursday, 25 June 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:
  • God's blessings, even through the hard times. Well, especially through the hard times. 

  • The wonderful doctors, nurses, specialists, everyone who are helping my dad through his illness.
  • School holidays. The boys are home for three weeks. Whenever there are holidays, I realise just how much I miss them and how much I am missing out on.
  • My garden and small farm. Working on the garden, looking after the chickens, growing, all these activities give me peace and ground me. I simply couldn't be without them.

NOT my garden, but something to aim for!

  • My little Cuddlepie, who turned four this week. Soon my littlest baby will be all grown up!

  • My Whirlwind, who is so creative. This is a bow and arrow he made with loom bands.

  • My Legoman, who is growing up way too fast for me, but is becoming a wonderful young man. Footy obsessed! 


  1. I popped into Our School's library this arvo to peek at the Children's Book Week short listed books (oh my goodness…..sooooo good!) and the library tech was showing me a photo she found of Mr Busy when he was in Year 4. He was sooooo cute. We both decided we wanted to each his cheeks. Especially since these days his cheeks are all prickly. They're not so yummy anymore. But that little boy with big brown eyes and soft little cheeks and such an innocent face.


    1. How cute! They sure do grow up too fast for their mums!

  2. Joining you in praising HIM for so much! He is faithful!!