Monday, 8 June 2015

Meal Plan Monday

Linking today with I'm An Organising Junkie for Menu Plan Monday.

Firstly, a wonderful recipe I found during the week, 10 Dozen Cookies From One Batch from Oh So Busy Mum. These are fantastic!
I divided my batch into four - Milo in one batch, sprinkles in one, chopped glace cherries and coconut in one, and honey and cinnamon rolled in raw sugar for the last batch. Baking day made super easy!

From left to right - Milo, sprinkles, cherry and honey/cinnamon.

The last batch - not so good! After four batches, I completely forgot this one in the oven!

I have been working on my Independence Days Challenge and made some lemon curd/butter. This week I am cooking with some limes that I swapped with a friend for some of our mince. I adore limes, but they are totally unaffordable at the supermarket.

My meal plan this week comes from Long Way On A Little by Shannon Hayes, chosen once again as it is heavy on beef recipes!

And this is Shannon Hayes' website and blog, The Radical Homemaker.

Beef Kebabs in Garlic/Lime Marinade, green salad, pasta salad
Lemon Delicious pudding

Pumpkin Soup, garlic bread
Pineapple upside-down cake

Rib Roast with Yorkshire Pudding, mashed potatoes, steamed greens, honey/ginger carrots
Fruit salad

Chicken wraps
Chocolate self-saucing pudding

Burgers with caramelised onions, salad, sweet potato chips
Frog in a pond

Homemade pizza
Apple pie and custard

Steak Fajita Salad, potato wedges

New recipe (as above) - 10 dozen cookies
Hedgehog slice
Raspberry and coconut slice
Lemon madeleines
Fruit cake

Hope you all have a lovely week planned!


  1. Mmm a yummy menu :) that cookie recipe sounds amazing! Hope you have a good week xx

    1. Thanks! It is a great recipe - really quick and simple.

  2. yummy looking menu. burnt food is no fun but if you cook much, it just happens every so often.

    1. Thanks. Luckily it was the last of the mixture so it wasn't a full tray!

  3. Yorkshire puddings! It's just before I'm due to go to sleep but I will look into the 10 dozen cookies tomorrow when my girls go to school. Very interested in this as it will be packed lunches, my cheeky snacks, after dinner delights (do you think they will go with custard?) and supper with a side of fruit. Right up my street!

    1. I think anything goes with custard - I love it! I'm not sure if it mentions in the recipe, but you can also roll it into logs and freeze the dough. Then slice and cook from frozen. Makes it even quicker!
      My hubby loves Yorkshire pudding! We never ate it as kids, but he grew up in Singapore. Lots of Brits there, so he ate it a lot there. Doesn't seem to make sense in the hot weather, but I guess traditions are imported. Just like we still eat a big cooked Christmas dinner!

    2. Ah now that is a very useful tip, thanks! I had no idea that something so Northern English and frugal is loved world wide! I have to admit to not really bothering with them in our short summer season but they are typical on the plate for the rest of the time.

      I should have looked at the recipe... needs condensed milk and I have already been to the store this morning. I will get some tomorrow. I will make carrot cookies instead. They are a staple from 'We'll Eat Again' a cookery book based on surviving in War time on rations. The cookies take minimal amount of fat and you can make a fair few. I plan on making some later so will put it on my blog.

    3. Great! I would be keen to see that recipe. And I will have to look for that book. I am really interested in all things from the 40s and wartime. I cannot wait until I am up to the 1940s Stitchcraft magazines - there are some amazing knits in them!

  4. If you have any limes leftover you could make a type of Key Lime Pie for desert.
    I bought some limes at the supermarket to try out a low carb lime and coconut bar cake.

    1. That sounds delicious - I would love that recipe. Limes and coconut are great together.

    2. And love your blog header image!

  5. Which one? I keep changing it. Got my daughter help me out a bit this morning so made a little progress.

    1. That's funny - I did that for a while too! It was a little cottage with a driveway, from memory.

  6. hello jayne,
    the cookies look wonderful. and your menue plan sounds good.
    have a nice week,
    greetings regina
    ps i will post the recipe for my radish leaf pesto soon

    1. Thanks! I will look out for the recipe as it sounds like a great way to use something I don't usually use.

  7. I really wish you'd stop sharing your menus, they sound just too delicious ;-). Just joking, once again I want to come to your house. Thanks for sharing at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings

    1. Oh thanks, Terri! They don't always work out like this though. There are some nights where it will be ditched for cheese toasties!