Thursday, 18 June 2015

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for:

  • today being the last day of term, so I will have my boys home for three whole weeks!
  • small children and how they keep the wonder alive. Cuddlepie was SO happy that he learned to use the stapler today. You can't help but smile when they celebrate milestones like that with such sheer joy.
  • my garden and the fact that we have room to grow food.
  • being able to catch up with a homeschooling friend I haven't seen in years. We had a lovely chat - so refreshing to chat with like-minded friends.
  • that we have a roof over our heads, even though it feels cramped at times. There are so many people living in poverty or war or disaster zones that I should be thankful all the time for the privileged life we are able to live here in Australia. It really makes my blood boil when people speak in such derogatory terms about the 'boat people'. I try to point out that if you were in their shoes, you would probably do anything in your power to escape and bring your family to a safe place as well.


  1. I love every single thing about this post :) <3

  2. Oh yes, thankful days. I really need to do posts like this to remind me of my blessings in life.

    I cant help but feel compassion for the "boat people". One day that could very well be us. Especially if the powers that be keep selling everything overseas. There will be no jobs here in the lucky country. If it continues to happen, in years to come Australia will have nothing. Then and only then will we truly realise what these poor people go through. We might just be looking for a new home ourselves.

    Australia cant support too many people. Just because it is huge, most of it is arid and unlivable and we already experience shortages of water. We need water to survive. So the question is how many of these people can we take? There are so many that need help, it just breaks my heart.


    1. Absolutely agree. They were just talking on the radio about selling off more of the big cattle stations in the Top End to overseas interests. What will we do when we have no land left? I really want to secure more land for ourselves, so we can plant a firewood lot and masses of trees - hopefully one day!
      Every day, there seems to be more incentive on the news to make sure you are secure yourself. There will come a time, maybe soon, where we will have to rely on ourselves, the government or other powers that be will not be bailing us out and looking after us. It makes me feel very insecure at times.