Friday, 2 March 2012

Creative Friday - - - - With The Kids

Today I am turning Creative Friday over to the kids.

Miss Ballerina made this in a subject at school called Edible Art. They had to design a cartoon character cake from playdough.

Miss Butterfly is studying surrealism in Art at the moment. Drawing halfway finished.

Whirlwind drew a pine tree.

And for Handwork today, Legoman made a carded wool angel.

Teasing and carding the wool, which he really loves doing.

As we were making the angel, he lay down on his pile of carded wool - 'oh so soft!'

Later he came back to me and dictated his instructions for making a wool and silk pillow so I could 'put them on the computer'.

First, you have to dye a silk, whatever colour you like. Then wrap the wool in the silk and put a rubber band around it. He did say if you were good at tying bows then you could use a nice ribbon!

How cute are kids!!!

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  1. Clever, creative kids :-)Legoman's angel looks so soft and angelic, love that he had a rest on the wool!

  2. Thanks - it is very soft - not sure how long it will last though, being touched all the time!

  3. I love your banner/header background! Is that something you pulled from somewhere else or did you make it yourself? (I can't even tell what the medium is...paint? felt?) Beautiful. Oh, and those are some super creative kids you've got there too :)

    1. THe banner is a painting by Richard Doyle called Fairy Rings and Toadstools from 1875. I just got it online as it is out of copyright. It was the exact thing I was looking for!!

  4. They look like they are having fun. You have a creative bunch.

    1. Thanks - I guess I love to craft so much, I have to get them involved as well!!