Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yarn Along

I missed Keep Calm Craft On yesterday, so I had to make sure I was here for Yarn Along!

Two books that I have been reading simultaneously - People of the Book by Geraldine Brooks and Depletion and Adundance: Life on the New Home Front by Sharon Astyk.

People of the Book - lovedy, love, loved it!! This is my genre - historical fiction - but done from the perspective of the people who were involved with a particular book throughout its history. I have always had a thing for objects throughout history - just imagining that, for example, Marie Antoinette sat in that chair or Queen Victoria drank from that teacup, really thrills me. This book is for my book club which is tonight. I tried to finish the book last night but was just too tired. So I arose early this morning and just as I was reaching the conclusion, children woke up! I had to sneak in the last chapter in bits over the morning - not quite the same!!

Depletion and Abundance - well, as my hubby would say, not another Peak Oil book! Sometimes I wonder why I read them, as it is preaching to the converted. But there is always something new and this book is particularly interesting. Written by a woman about how women have the most to lose from climate change and peak oil and thus the solutions should come from the domestic front. We cannot wait for the politicians or big business to solve the problems; we must wade in for ourselves.

And knitting - one hot cross bun is completed and I am knitting more. I really like it - bigger than I expected though, about the size of a real one.

And progress on my shawl - slowly, slowly!

And just a cute photo of Cuddlepie! This is how I found him asleep this morning, draped over a teddy bear. And what is with the stripes, mum! Three different stripe patterns! I read someone's (can't remember who now!!) blog entry on photos of her children in stripes. I think it is because I get bored doing one colour knitting and what else do you do for boys - stripes or cables seem to be it!!

Happy yarn along, all!


  1. Hi Jayne, I need you to email me to join our knitted farm swap. So please send me an email at craftymomsshare at gmail dot com. Thank you!! Carrie

  2. what a cute hot cross bun! Love the colors in your shawl but love that sleepy baby even more!!! Happy knitting!!

  3. How gorgeous cuddlepie is - I love finding how my kids sleep, I often get a tickle out of it. At the moment Master D is sleeping sideways in his bed, almost as if he is sitting up - lol! And the stripes are great ;-)

    And how cute is the hot cross bun - what a fun pattern!

    Your reading sounds very interesting, what solutions are offered on the domestic front?

  4. Love all those stripes!!!! Cute buns (both knit and baby's!!)