Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Last Week - Our Happenings

First, my boys!

And does Cuddlepie remind you of something else in this photo?

Close resemblance, huh?!!

Not much in the schoolroom this week, due to illness enjoyed by all. Just kept up with our letters and lots of reading aloud.

The letter S was accompanied by the story of The Six Swans, my favourite fairy tale. And I absolutely love the Sevenwaters trilogy by Juliet Marillier inspired by this story.

The letters B and F are a bear and a fawn - you can tell that, right?

And R for Rapunzel. And that is the end of our first Language Arts block. 16 consonants and 4 vowels. The rest will follow in the next block.

This week we are onto a one week Autumn block which will round out the term nicely. And of course, Easter very soon!

We have been reading a fabulous little book found at the op shop - always find the best things there!!

The Dwarfs of Nosegay by Paul Biegel. It was originally published in the Netherlands in 1976. Absolutely delightful drawings and stories. In the story we read last night, little Peter Nosegay, the youngest dwarf, had been to visit Queen Zoe in the bee city as the dwarves had run out of honey for their Midwinter Feast.
I just love what you can find for 50c.