Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I've Been Tagged

I was tagged (um, 2 weeks ago - so sorry, Kelly!) by Kelly at Happy Whimsical Hearts, so here are my answers to her lovely questions.

What is your favourite childhood memory?

This is easy. A visit to a farm. I cannot remember whose farm it was, where it was; I can't even remember how old I was (I think about 5), but all I know is this was the moment I knew I wanted to live on a farm. I never wanted to leave there! It was a pretty ramshackle old farm house with no heating other than fireplaces; it had that slight mildew smell about it. But I loved it! I wanted to take all the sheep home with me. After that, all my pocket money was saved for 'my farm' and I started to keep an exercise book with lists of the animals I would have and what their names would be. And now I have some of them!

Maybe not quite this ramshackle!

If you could travel anywhere where would you go?

I know this is super nerdy, but nowhere. Legoman actually said something this morning that is exactly how I feel. He was looking at the cover of a book I am reading at the moment - this one:

And he looked at the photo and said "You know, if you lived there, you could have your holidays at home - they have forest to go camping and lakes for fishing and so much room!" And that would be my idea of a holiday (or everyday life!)
I have my eye on a 200 acre property on the edge of the Grampians National Park at the moment, so wish me luck convincing hubby!

When do you feel most fulfilled?

Oh my goodness, I am about to write another homebody type answer! But I would have to say when we all have a lovely day at home, working together on a common project, like building the new chicken house or something similar.
After that would come, of course, when I am knitting, quilting or some other craft.

Which book character do you identify with?

This is easy - most definitely Elinor Dashwood from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility. I can so relate to all her feelings. I am definitely a keep it all in, suffer in silence, kind of person and would have acted exactly as Elinor did. I adore Emma Thompson's portrayal of her - that scene where it finally works out for her and she allows that little cry to escape after holding it together all that time is so perfectly done.

How old do you feel?

Still feel like I am in my early twenties, but definitely am NOT! The other day I noticed grey hairs and I wondered how long they had been there without me even seeing!

What is your favourite time period?

You can probably already guess but would have to be late Regency - 1830s or so. Tasha Tudor is my heroine and I would love to dress that way every day. Mind you looking at that photo, that pretty much is how I dress!

And I so would love to have a meadow of daffodils!

A large group of friends, or an intimate circle?
Most definitely an intimate circle. I don't do small talk very well and so am not a great mingler at parties. And I tend to have some 'different' ideas and am far from normal (according to Miss Ballerina), which makes it hard to engage in conversations about fashion or whatever else seems to come up in small talk. I try not to be too weird though, I promise!!

What do you wish for your children?

I think we all say the same here - I wish for them to be happy and fulfilled. I wish to feel they can pursue their goals, no matter how weird, without being made to feel ashamed or embarrassed by their choices. Most of all, I want them to not just 'follow the sheep' and do what they think they should do. rather than what they feel is right for them.

What is your favourite season?

Autumn or winter - I definitely like to hibernate! Perfect for crafting and lots of reading aloud in front of the fire.

Who wouldn't want to curl up on that chair and read by that fireplace?!

If, and when, the time comes, do you think you would want to be called nana, grandma, etc and why?

I don't know on this one. My mother-in-law is Nanna and my mum is Gran, so I kinda feel like those names are taken at the moment. It would be weird to use one of them. Also, it is a bit too close to comfort to think about that, with a 16 year old daughter!!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a farmer (refer first question above!). Once I reached teenage years, I wanted to be an animal technician and work at Melbourne Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary, or a librarian.

Thanks, Kelly, for the fun!


  1. What fabulous answers! I so enjoyed reading them and learning more about you :-) And many of your answers reminded me of myself ;-). I have realised over the years how much of a homebody I am and Master D seems to be the same! And I hope you get your property at the edge of the Grampians! Sounds wonderful :-)

  2. Legoman also is a bit of a homebody like me. Glad I finally got to answering these - it was fun to think about all the questions! Here's hoping about the property - I keep leaving pages open on the computer as hopeful hints for hubby!!