Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Our Week In The Schoolroom

I am a bit slow posting about last week's school as we had visitors over the long weekend.

Last week, we did the letters M,D,E,L and H.

Legoman's lady had a path leading to her house on the hill.

We did beeswax modelling. Whirlwind made (with some help) snail bodies for his snail shell collection.

Legoman made a sword.

And just some more of my darling big girl, Miss Butterfly's, artwork.

The background is done with Caron d'Arche Neocolour II watercolour crayons. I love these crayons - they blend so beautifully - so I purchased some for Miss Butterfly and she has been doing some lovely work with them.


  1. What wonderful boyish takes on the activity! The snail bodies are just fab :-) At my mum's house she has a fairy door in a tree stump. Behind the door lives a little tiny gnome and his dog. Often when Master D visits, the gnome may have a treat for him or something to look at. Most recently there were 4 snails. Master D thought this was splendid and even fed them to the chooks when it was suggested!

    And Miss Butterfly's artwork is beautiful, the colours are energising.

  2. Hi Jayne! I found you :) I'm looking forward to my afternoon tea and some time to read your blog!