Friday, 2 March 2012

Autumn Nature Table

I do so love autumn, so we were very excited to set up the beginnings of our autumn nature table this week.

I love the little toadstools! I made them today, after seeing this post at Hinterland Mama.
What a great idea - I loved it so much that I actually went and bought some door knobs from the hardware (they were only $1 each though as they had lost the attaching screws).

I managed to convince Whirlwind that five shells from his empty snail shell collection would be enough. This is some of the collection as he displayed it on his table. He actually has about thirty snail shells now. He is so excited when he finds a new one.

And just a funny photo from today. This, apparently, is how we must dress now that the cooler weather has arrived!

No need for long sleeves as long as you have gloves and a beanie!


  1. Lovely! We have some door handles ready for painting too :-) Love the snails! Aren't lads funny. Master D won't let me move our snails on because 'they are my friends', hee hee.

  2. The toadstools are too cute. Whirlwind knows he is only allowed to collect the empty snail shells, although sometimes he brings in some pretty smelly ones that I think have decomposing snail parts still in them!!