Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Yarn Along

Same book as last week! Depletion and Abundance by Sharon Astyk. Really loving it!
Knitting is the ugly yarn pants that I am making for Cuddlepie, although I may have to change the name as I am quite liking the way it is knitting up!

There are many ideas to implement from this book, but the chapter I have just read is an issue that I know I have to work on.
It is subtitled "I Don't Know How She Does it!" and the author's answer to this is - I don't!

Every time I am doing something, I'm letting something else lapse, usually something that probably shouldn't.

If I look at what I didn't do, at the mess, the chaos, the exhaustion, the failures, it doesn't look so hot. So I try not to look, and hope to do better tomorrow.

Do the best you can, trust yourself, and be pleased with what you do. Embrace the chaos

These are just quick little quotes; the whole section is quite funny as she lists all the things that WERE accomplished rather than focusing on what was not. I musat admit to feeling overwhelmed when looking at the all the undone tasks; for example, right now I SHOULD be weeding the strawberry bed and winterising it. And tomorrow I will look at it and feel guilty that I was blogging instead!
But I have decided to take a leaf out of the author's book and I am going to keep a little journal of all the things that I did do in a day. I just have one of those little pocket diaries and will jot down a few sentences each day. Especially the little things that otherwise would be forgotten and that we don't usually count as being tasks achieved. Cuddling baby on the couch for half an hour as he had fallen asleep in my arms is just as noteworthy as making 20 jars of jam, don't you think?

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  1. Cuddling babies to sleep is worth a lot more than jam :-) I really like the idea of embracing the chaos! Sometimes I have to remind myself to relax, enjoy the moment, cleaning will always be there!