Sunday, 4 March 2012

Our School Week

This week, Legoman started his first Language Arts block. We did the letters P,K,Q,W,G,J and O.

I have already posted the handwork we did - washing the fleece, carding and making a wool angel.

Watercolour painting was also on the agenda. We went back to single colours and did yellow, blue and red.

Yellow was done using the story 'The Purse of Gold', so Legoman started out painting the 100 gold coins. Whirlwind was painting a dinosaur - totally unrelated!

Then they both seemed to decide it would be better to fill in the whole page with yellow.

Which I guess was pretty useful as Legoman's yellow paper is now being used to make the golden stars that are used to represent the vowels in his Language Arts block.


  1. Hahaha, Master D would have ended up painting a dino too - he is dino mad! Your chalk letters are really good!

  2. Thanks - I am just copying most of them from a curriculum!