Sunday, 4 March 2012

A Beautiful Parcel Arrived In The Mail

I just love receiving special mail and this was a totally lovely one to receive. Beautifully wrapped . . .

And the goodies inside!!

Some gorgeous hand dyed wool felt and a knitting toadstool. Don't know what happened to the girls' knitting nancys - they had doll ones - but they seem to have disappeared, maybe in all the moves we have made.

I ordered these beautiful items from Jo at the lovely Indigo Inspirations. You must visit her - she has such beautiful, beautiful items. (I know, how many times can you use the words beautiful, lovely, gorgeous - I need to get a thesaurus to find some more words to describe her shop!)

I must admit to being a teeny (OK, a lot!) jealous of Jo - she is living exactly what I have always wanted - crafting for a living, living in a community that supports her beliefs and values, and the verandahs on her house are to die for!

Anyway, you MUST hop on over to her shop and have a look - you will LOVE it!!


  1. Thanks so much for the link! Another great online shop :-)

  2. I shouldn't tempt you though!!