Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Finally Back!!!

Woman Sick in Bed clipart
I have been sick, sick, sick - and then everyone else was sick too. With seven in the family, illness can seem to last forever by the time it has been through everyone!

Also, my internet has been slowed down - the pleasures of living rurally. We have limited download (and it still costs about 6 times what 'city folk' pay for unlimited) and we always use it up before the end of the month. One day the broadband network may reach us here! So I am sitting in front of the computer with my knitting as it takes about five minutes to load a new page. Lucky the boys are happily set up making a Lego city! And I will get on to catching up with some posts.


  1. Oh your poor things - hope you are all much better now. I've missed you in blogland! And so you don't feel too alone, our internet can be incredibly slow too (well maybe not knitting in between pages loading slow, but very slow for city living!)

  2. Thanks! I still have a lingering cold, but much better than it was! The internet sure can drive me a bit crazy, but it keeps the big girls off Facebook (too slow for their liking!)