Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Thrift Book by India Knight

The Thrift Book: Live Well and Spend Less

I have been flicking through this book and there are so many thoughts in there I so totally agree with. I particularly like what she has to say about clothing. She talks about how there is a reason that clothing is so cheap in KMart, etc.- that someone, somewhere, probably a young child or overworked mother, has paid the price for your cheap clothes. There is a new advertising campaign here in Australia for KMart that just makes me cringe every time I see it. It talks about how we all love low, low prices and how much they have lowered their prices for us. I must admit that KMart is amazingly cheap now - you wonder how they do it. And then you think and you KNOW how they do it. I would so much rather buy Fair Trade items for twice, three, four times the price and have a much smaller wardrobe.

But I particularly like this in a chapter at the end of the book called 'Emotional Thrift'. It is a long quote but so meaningful.

Appreciate what you've got, even the really small things. For me, those really small things are often domestic, and I hope this book has communicated my enthusiasm for the nourishing significance of the very small. Everyday happiness, as opposed to one-off bursts of pure ecstasy, is intricately tied in with tiny everyday events: the jaunty-looking teapot that pours without dribbling, the children's bathtime, blossom in spring, an especially good book. These things aren't sexy, or glamorous, or envy-making, but they are the fabric of all our days. Concentrating on them, and on all the small joys they provide, can be intensely fulfilling.
Be happy. We are all blessed, in thousands of different ways. So we're not a size 6, cavorting on a yacht with George Clooney. So what? I'd rather be sniffing my babies' heads. There is enormous beauty in everyday life, and it doesn't cost any money to look at it and feel glad to be alive.

Exactly, so exactly!! When I read the last sentences in the book, about sniffing babies' heads, I thought, here is a kindred spirit!

I just had to put these quotes here, if only for me to refer back to when I am feeling down. I must admit to feeling as though I am not where I always wanted to be or should be, and I must remind myself to just live each day and appreciate.


  1. Great quote. We aren't big consumers here, the main things I find myself buying are books (and I am using the library more and more) and crafting supplies. Still I look around and think, surely we can reduce!

  2. You buy what I buy - I just have to stop looking on the computer, too tempting!