Thursday, 15 January 2015

2015 Resolutions

I know - running a bit late on New Year's Resolutions! But for reasons already mentioned (moving house, a few illnesses), I am starting 2015 this week.

But this has also given me the chance to peruse (borrow, cheat, steal!) some other New Year Resolutions from around the blogging world.

So here are my 2015 resolutions, with a thank you to Mavis at One Hundred Dollars A Month, whose blog I have simply loved to death for ages now; and Elizabeth at Wailliewailliewoolyeah, who I have only just discovered through Yarn Along at Small Things

1. Get Organised

Now I know all the advice is do not make resolutions that are not measurable, but this is such a HUGE area and would involve such a long list that I am going to work on this as the year progresses.
First up though would be to sort out the garage that, due to the move and the fact that we have moved to a house half the size of our previous one, has become a dumping ground for all and sundry.

A place for everything and everything in its place.

2. Create A Vegetable Garden
Due to the removal of the half dead cypress pines and a falling down shearing shed, I now have an enormous area to play with. The fence is being built later in the month for the new chicken pen to start it all off. My young chickens are currently digging up what will be the herb garden for me.

This was our old vegie garden, but I have lots more space now!

And below is the huge space available for the vegie garden. It will have a post and rail fence made from the felled cypress and I will try and salvage what I can from the rubbish piles for garden edging.

I can see the corrugated tin shed painted with a rainbow, can't you?

3. Limit Personal Spending to $0 (or as close as possible)
2015 is to be the Year of No Superfluous Spending. I have more than enough of everything I need; a fact brought home to me when I had to move it all and find space for it all!
No more stuff!

4. Purge Weekly
I will also try to keep a lid on items creeping their way into the home, which they seem to do secretly, and keep sorting through the backlog of stuff in the garage.

5. Do More Canning
I recently read about Megan from Perth in Australia who in 2012 embarked on 365 Days of Creative Canning. There are some wonderful recipes on her website that I hope to try out over 2015. Hopefully the garden will be providing some fabulous produce towards this goal!

6. Knit Down My Stash
Subtitled: And do not add to it!
I have a fairly impressive stash and it will easily keep me busy for the whole year and beyond.
To this end, I will be linking to the monthly Stash Buster Link Party at Linda's Crafty Corner. This, coupled with the Love Your Library Challenge at Snapdragons Crafts, should make it easier to not purchase any more yarn or patterns.

Not my stash, but close!

7. Blogging Regularly
I really enjoy my blogging, whether anyone reads it or not! It helps to solidify ideas, acts as a journal and keeps me on track - hopefully.

8. Weekly Meal Planning
We all know why we should meal plan and how beneficial it will be. Yet it is an area that I have been falling down in recently. 

9. Preparing Early For Christmas
This is another one that I always try and hope to achieve - hmmm, rarely get there. 
From Elizabeth at Wailliewailliewoolyeah, 'In 2015 I want to hand make and collect gifts throughout the year, and be finished by the end of November.'  
Me too!

10. Establish a Regular Cleaning Routine
Same as the meal planning, I know why this is beneficial, but it never seems to happen in real life. This year I am determined. There are thousands available - I found this one last night - love the vintage feel!

I also love Managers of Their Homes by Teri Maxwell. 

11.Bible Reading and Verse Memorisation
I really want to immerse myself more in God's Word, as all good things come from Him and without Him, the rest of this would be meaningless. 

12. Bloom Where I Am Planted
This is the one that I am having the most trouble with. At the moment, I am feeling as though my life is not my own (maybe one of the reasons why I am liking blogging so much). None of the major life decisions have been made by me - the town we live in, the house we live in, the way the children are educated, certain aspects of the lifestyle we lead. I feel quite out of control and that I have few options. So I have struggled with this one - vacillating between 'make the best of what you have' and 'why should I never get to make any decisions?' 
In 2015, I want to veer more towards making the best of what I do have and being grateful for that. 

I am hoping these resolutions will keep me on track, at least somewhat. 

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