Tuesday, 27 January 2015

A Busy Weekend

We had a busy weekend! On Saturday, we decided to drive to Robe in SA, which is a five hour round trip. Miss Ballerina wanted to log some driving hours towards getting her drivers' licence and we are contemplating the purchase of a little beach shack for holidays and to rent out. Hopefully the maths will work out on this!

On the way to Robe, Whirlwind and I knitted! I finished my Noni's Favourite dishcloth. Then I made a big mistake! I should remember (having done this before!) that no matter how much you think you will not tangle it, you definitely will tangle up a skein if you try and roll it in the car!

This is after we got home and I had been working on it for a while. I was sitting in the back seat and hubby turned around and noticed what I was doing. 'Just throw it out', he says. 'I wouldn't have the patience to fix that'. Can you believe it?! As if I would just throw out my Madelinetosh! Anyway it is all fixed now and I have started knitting it up. Crisis averted!

It was a lovely day in Robe, just a bit windy. 

Ate way too much, as we had lunch in Penola on the way and then HAD to stop in at the ice cream shop in Robe. Delicious! 

The boys played a few games of chess with Dad (love the concentration!) but Dad won!

Stopped in Mount Gambier for dinner on the way home (told you it was a looong day!)

The cave gardens in Mount Gambier
Cuddlepie really wanted to climb right down into the cave and camp there for the night.

The next day we were off to Warrnambool for two days as Legoman (who I really should re-name Mr Obsessed With All Things Sport) was attending a two day cricket camp.

Thanks to my friend, Jacinta, we had the loan of some cricket whites so he could look the part. Boy, I am glad I managed to get them white again as Legoman loves to slide when fielding and they were covered with grass stains.

He had a ball! They did video analysis, so he got a written report at the end of the camp, which he was pleased with. And he got to meet Merv Hughes, who, if you are an Australian of my era, you would know well. And he still has the moustache!

While Legoman spent two 6 hour days at cricket camp, we visited the beach, the shops, watched the hang gliders off Logan's Beach and generally filled in time.

We stayed at a lovely motel and I have a new idea for a bathroom that I love. This was the bathroom at the motel.

So love this skylight! I can imagine it would get very hot in summer though, so it would need some sort of covering to close it off if necessary, but it looks gorgeous. And it was right above the bath. I can just imagine a claw foot bath, lying back and looking at the stars. Divine.

So that was our weekend! It was a three day weekend as Monday was Australia Day and a holiday. 

And I think cricket camp was pretty exhausting!

Trip home
I must admit I was feeling a bit worn out myself!

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