Wednesday, 14 January 2015

And Throw in an Illness Or Two . . .

The move is all over. Well, the boxes are all here anyway and I will sort through them as I find the time.

So we all decided to catch a really bad cold and have been sick for a few weeks. 
The doctor recommended this cough mixture, which I haven't had since childhood. But boy, did I remember the taste! Anyone who has ever tasted this will know what I mean!

But after finding this advertisement, I understand why I am not getting better. I am obviously taking the wrong medicine!

I have also been in Melbourne for the last few days, helping my mum move house as my dad was taken ill unexpectedly and is beginning radiation therapy. 

I am hoping to be back on board very soon. It has been a rocky start to 2015, but it can only improve from here.

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