Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Make A List Colour Monday

Linking today with Porch Swing Quilts for Make A List Colour Monday

I have been away for a while so my list has been neglected. I have way too many items to list them all - it is a bit daunting at the moment; I feel I will never catch up!
  • Gauge swatch and re-sizing of vintage knitting pattern.
  • Veggie garden - continue weeding and mulching, plant out areas that are completed.
Veggie garden at the moment. Pretty sure that should just be called a lawn?!
  • Graph Minecraft quilt for Whirlwind's birthday gift.
  • Three hours of hand quilting on Miss Ballerina's quilt.
  • Prune back proteas and roses.
  • Weed daffodil bed.
  • Inventory pantry items and determine use by dates. Meal plan accordingly, then keep pantry inventory up to date.
  • Research more beef recipes! Any suggestions gratefully received.
  • Write letters to my sponsor children. I usually do this once a month and haven't done any letters since January.
  • Set up new cash book system to start from 1 June.
I have been haphazard lately with my recording of spending. Not that this has made me spend more, it is just handy to see which categories the spending is in. I used to record every cent in and out and I think I will go back to that system. It is useful for when hubby thinks we are spending too much and I can show exactly where it is being spent. The last month or two has been a bit of a spending disaster - when things break, they seem to do it together! So we have had to replace a phone, car parts, teeth and various other items!

This week's colour theme is to find a photo you find fascinating and use it to make a colour palette. Jennie reminded me a few weeks ago how wonderful the National Geographic photography always is, so I chose a few photos from their collection.

There are literally thousands that I loved, but I had to narrow it down!

Have a fascinating week!

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