Monday, 18 May 2015

Meal Planning This Week

Meal planning this week is based on two books: The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Food From My Frontier and Women's Weekly Fresh Food Fast, which is an Australian book.

The Pioneer Woman was chosen due to the abundance of beef recipes! Head to The Pioneer Woman for heaps of great recipes.

This is my chest freezer at the moment - there is nothing, absolutely nothing, in there but beef! 468 kgs of beef, to be exact!

The Women's Weekly book was a gift for Mother's Day. I have Women's Weekly books that I bought when I first moved out of home that I still use. They are just really simple, useful recipes.

The meal plan for this week:


Beef Stew with parmesan toast (Pioneer Woman) - I have made lots of beef stew, and for some reason this recipe is just perfect. Everyone loves it - which can be hard to achieve with so many to cater for!
Fruit Salad


Moroccan Fish Fillets with Fruity Couscous - Fresh Food Fast
Steamed Broccoli and Green Beans
Chocolate self-saucing pudding


Honey Chilli Chicken Salad - Fresh Food Fast
Peach Crumble - using canned peach pie filling


Salisbury Steak Meatballs - Pioneer Woman
Garlic bread
Baked apples



Mustard and Rosemary Chicken - Fresh Food Fast
Brussels Sprouts and Sun-Dried Tomato Stir Fry - Fresh Food Fast
Roast potatoes
Fruit salad


Beef and Bean Burritos - Pioneer Woman
Green salad


Pizza, including Steakhouse Pizza - Pioneer Woman
Chocolate Trifle with Berries - Fresh Food Fast

Chocolate chip cookies - every week, without fail!
Citrus Butter Cookies - Pioneer Woman
Lemon slice
Hedgehog slice
Banana bread
Chocolate cupcakes

Have a yummy week, everyone! 


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  1. The menus for your week sound rather delish! At the risk of seeming rude.....may I come and sit at your dinner table, Jayne?? :)

    1. Thanks! Yet to see if they all come off though! It is a good week if I only have to change one or two meals at the last minute!
      For sure, come over any time! I would love another trip to Tassie - my favourite place - last trip was in 2012. And Spirit always has such great deals in autumn/winter - hmmm!

  2. I have one of The Pioneer Woman's cookbooks and I love it. I don't think I've ever made anything that didn't taste fantastic!

    1. I agree! I have another one of her books and also read the blog regularly and absolutely, all her recipes are a hit at our house!

  3. wow. that's a lot of beef. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on these? :)

    1. Sure is! I just hope everyone doesn't get sick of it before we use it all up!