Thursday, 9 February 2012

Candlemas - A Bit Late, I Know!

I love making bread - just the baking smell is SO good! This was a new one I tried out and it was really delicious. The recipe is Oatmeal Apple Raisin Bread from Baking Bread With Children. I just received this book a few days ago so have not had a chance to read through much, but am looking forward to trying many more recipes.

After breakfast, Whirlwind went to play outside and found lots of acorns blown from out two huge oak trees. Some were split and he was fascinated to find there were nuts inside. He decided to plant them so we could have lots of acorn trees.

Only problem being, he then went back to check on how much they had grown after only five minutes!

Don't you just love new supplies?! Legoman started his first main lesson book today and I gave him his brand new set of Stockmar stick crayons (even though we won't use them for a while). Whirlwind must keep well away from them! He has a tendency to peel all the paper off them, which doesn't bother him, but bothers Legoman, with his perfectionist streak, to the extreme. We have had the block crayons for a while, but they are still going strong (and no paper to peel off!)

First form drawing lesson.

So today we celebrated Candlemas. Not quite the right date, but as close as I could manage.

Our chalkboard.

We rolled beeswax candles to use for meal times, circle time, etc.

And then we had to make sure they worked!

Do not ask why Legoman is still in his pyjamas during afternoon handwork. Seven year old logic - he wants to know what the difference is between a shirt and trousers and his pyjamas, which are just a shirt and trousers. What to say to that?!

I did this chalkboard drawing this evening for tomorrow. I must say, I thought chalkboard drawing would be a challenge for me. Not because I am a hopeless and terribly unconfident drawer, which I am, but because of my chalk phobia. Yes, I cannot stand the feel of chalk. I used to dread being called on in class in case I had to write an answer on the board. I have been OK as the Lyra chalk I am using has a paper sleeve on it. I feel silly about it, but I guess everyone has their foibles. My hubby cannot stand the feel of cotton wool and I have actually heard that it is quite common - I even found the name of it: Bambakomallophobia. Fear of chalk is called Calxophobia. Some useless trivia for today!
Anyway, I gritted my teeth and forced myself to touch the chalk. It wasn't too bad. I even managed to get to the stage of blending using my finger. Yes, I actually rubbed chalk on a chalkboard with my bare finger! I started out trying to blend with a bit of, would you believe, cotton wool (I can easily touch that!) But it was hopeless. So I bit the bullet and did it; and I think I will be able to keep doing it! 'We all kicked a goal today!'

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