Friday, 10 February 2012

Organising The Yarn Stash (Mountain!)

I subscribe to the Lion email newsletter and when I read it this morning, this article jumped out at me.

12 Tips On How To Organise Your Yarn Stash

As I have joined the Stash Busting Challenge over at Creating A Family Home, I think I had better get organised!

I did a search for a bit more and also found this.

How To Organise Your Yarn Stash - Part One

And Part Two

My only problem with these articles is the insistence by the authors that there must be removal of some of the yarn from the premises! I just cannot do it - hence why I have more yarn than I could possibly knit in two lifetimes.
I have a real siege mentality - gotta keep it just in case. What if there were to be no more yarn produced? I would have to keep my family clothed with what I already had.
In time, I will get around to taking some photos, when I follow the instructions to get all my yarn in one place!

My stash after the decluttering operation, shown with the big bag of yarn Im getting rid of.

See that bag that says 'donate' - don't think I can do it!!
I will just have to knit faster to de-stash!

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