Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Sunny Day

View across our very dry paddocks

We had a very warm and sunny day for Valentine's Day (I do have snow envy when I look at everyone else's blogs!) So our weather tree now has some yellow leaves as well as grey ones!

It was too lovely a day to spend indoors so we were mainly outside today. This is what we did:

Collecting fallen apples to feed the animals
More apples
Staring competition

Those cows really want apples

Morning tea on the front verandah

Reading material


Then we headed inside to work on form drawing. Legoman is enjoying form drawing so much that he asks to do more and more. Even Whirlwind was working on his 'forms'.

Please excuse today's chalkboard drawing - I cannot draw people and should just stick to more representative figures. But this is the A in The Wise Enchanter. Shocking, I know!!

My work today has been dyeing some playsilks. A trip to the post office yielded parcels from both Thai Silks and Dharma Trading - hooray!!

Don't you love my dye pot?! If my mum had kept her saucepans, I wouldn't have had to buy this from the op shop for $1. I distinctly remember cooking with this exact same pot when I was about 9 or 10.

I am very excited as I ordered some long thin silk scarves to dye for play stands, use as rivers, etc. I am also going to dye one as a long rainbow. Cannot wait to see how that turns out! And I will NOT be using that awful fluoro green on the silk - I will mix it with some blue to try and dull it down a bit first!

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