Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Rocker Boards

After reading this post on Sarah Baldwin's Moon Child blog, I so would love to get some rocker boards. I think my limited woodworking skills (ie. pretty much zilch!) would never stretch to the making of curvy boards.

They are available at Bella Luna Toys but I was too scared to send an email and ask how much they would cost to ship to Australia!
Then I also found them for sale at A Toy Garden and shipping to Australia would be $66 for one! Yikes!!
I found Open Ended Creations' shop on etsy - $105 for shipping to Australia.

If anyone knows where to find rocker boards in Australia, I would really appreciate the info. Or else, start saving now!


  1. Hello - I came across these today and thought of you! http://barefootnparadise.blogspot.com.au/2011/10/tire-rocker-and-see-saw.html not exactly what you are after, but maybe fun anyway?

  2. Thanks - I think that looks great. Maybe hubby would like a project for the weekend?!

  3. Jayne,
    If you are still looking for the Curvy Board I currently have two stores in Australia that now carrying the Curvy boards. Woodland Toys and Epoche are both retailers that are local in Australia.
    P.S. there is a current giveaway on Moon Child for a Curvy Board, enter and maybe you will be the lucky winner. Good Luck
    P.S. click on this link to see a giveaway that I am doing with Bella Luna Toys for your chance to win a Curvy Board....