Monday, 13 February 2012

Some Free Knitting Patterns For Stockings

I prefer knee high, or even thigh high, socks or stockings. The shorter ones always seems to fall down into the bottom of my boots and are impossible to pull back up without undoing or taking off the boot. And I just love the look of them!

Here are some of my favourites.

O'Hara Stockings from Rowan.  You have to join Rowan to access the patterns but Rowan patterns are gorgeous.

Vibbles kneesocks with a vertical zig-zag pattern.

Lacy thigh-high stockings.

Thigh-high footed tights.

Sweetheart stockings with a cute heart motif up the sides.

Vintage mesh stockings. Good to know that according to the pattern these are regulation medium length. Not sure who was regulating the length of stockings!

Cinderella's Secret Stockings.

Excellent knee-highs.

Vintage lace stockings.

Red Dwarf knee-high socks.

Ines knee-high socks.

John Anderson's kilt hose - cause we all need some kilt hose! I think these would make great gumboot socks.

Very tall socks.

Child's long stockings.

Silk Fairisle socks - just because they are lovely.

And from some books I have:

I love the socks on the front cover of Sock Knitting Master Class. I REALLY want to make them for this winter.

Also love the Over-the-Knee Socks in Handknit Holidays.

 So let's all knit some socks today!

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