Monday, 6 February 2012

Our Weekend Away

We have had a busy few days!

On Friday, we left bright and early to get to Adventure Park in Geelong for the annual Not Back To School party for Rockpool Homeschool. I was debating not going this year as it is a LONG way (takes us about 3 hours). But as I was getting supplies ready to start the new school year, Legoman, very excitedly, said 'that means we will be going to Adventure Park soon! How many days is it?' How could we let him down after that?! This was our third year and it is well worth the trip as they love it so much.
Whirlwind was strangely reticent this year and it took him a while to want to get wet, but once he was, he went mad!

The boys think the pirate slides are the best!

After the day at Adventure Park, hubby had to pick up a work car in Geelong. So we dropped him off and the boys and I headed to Apollo Bay for a weekend away. Hubby headed for home to see what the girls had been up to!

I LOVE Apollo Bay! I have always wanted to live there, up in the hills somewhere.
We had a lovely time away. Only made it to the beach on Saturday - we had planned to go on Sunday as well but it was cold and very windy.

On Sunday morning we headed to Otway Dinosaurs. The boys loved this.

I still love Apollo Bay!

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