Thursday, 16 February 2012

When You Are Dyeing Playsilks . . . . . .

When you are dyeing playsilks and you are wondering where the undyed ones have disappeared to, take a look in your hallway and you will probably find that they have been stolen in order to make the South Pole.

 (We will not worry about the fact that polar bears and Arctic foxes are not to be found at the South Pole - Whirlwind is only three after all!)

And then you will find Cuddlepie in his favourite spot.

Not quite sure of the attraction of being squashed in the corner in between a wall, a box of books and a drawer unit, but he heads for that spot all the time.
Please do excuse the carpet - we will eventually remove it and sand the floorboards. The hallway and childrens' bedrooms have been done already, but it is a matter of deciding that we can live and renovate at the same time!

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