Sunday, 19 February 2012

Rudolf Steiner - A Truly Remarkable Man

Rudolf Steiner truly was a remarkable man. I am reading more of his works and the deeper I sink into the readings, the more I am amazed by him. His insight and the clarity of his thoughts and his bravery in putting them in the public arena when, let's face it, the majority would have thought (and still would!) that he was a bit crazy - Wow! I will be eternally grateful to him.

I am currently reading a little book called The Therapeutic Eye: How Rudolf Steiner Observed Children by Peter Selg. Only 88 pages but packed full. On the very first page this quote from Steiner jumped out at me (the chapter is entitled A Look Deepened By Love).

The first task to be achieved on the basis of anthroposophy in education can therefore be that, to begin with, the aim is to see that the teachers, the educators, are people who perceive the human being in the deepest sense and, having developed this attitude of genuinely observing the human being, approach the child with the love that results from such an attitude.
I cannot imagine that that premise is being taught in mainstream teaching degrees. But just imagine if it was!!

Thank you, Rudolf Steiner!


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