Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Keep Calm Craft On {crafting on}

Happy Valentine's Day

In honour of Valentine's Day, a different colour for the text!
Last night I knitted this dishcloth as a mat for our blessing candle. It was really quick and simple and looks quite sweet, I think. It is knitted in Peaches & Creme - Colour 218 Cherry Pink. You could easily make two, probably even three, with one ball. I did change the needle size from the pattern. It was just too saggy baggy for me on the big needles, so I changed them down to 5mm (US 8).

And this is what the yarn was doing before I knitted it!

Babies and yarn - too cute!!

Look what was gifted to me the other day!! May not look like much, but I'm sure some share my excitement!

4.5 kilos or so! (It looks more impressive in real life)

It was given to me by some sheep farmers we know. They have a ram that very annoyingly, for them, sometimes throws black lambs. These lambs are of no use to them as they cannot sell the coloured wool. In fact, it is a contaminant in the white wool, so they have to shear the black lambs separately. Normally they would just throw this wool away. So lucky me! I also asked if I could have a black lamb next time they have one. So I may have my own black wool in the future.
I am planning to needle felt some penguins and some black and white cows.

The following was a bit of a mistake! I was MEANT to dye this yarn a pale green. I used the same dye I use to get leaf green in playsilks and used much less, thinking to get a paler shade. You be the judge!

Hmmm, pretty bright still! I was planning on dying it a pale green, then overdying with darker greens and browns to make a woodland shade to knit the Woodland Shawl. So I will be trying to rectify this and will post next week.

I am also working on the Pebble vest for Cuddlepie. I had bookmarked it, planning to get to it soon. But I thought I had better get moving quicker than that. Surely after 5 children, I should know that you cannot PLAN to knit something for baby - you need to DO it or they grow faster than your knitting!

Happy Valentine's Day and keep crafting.


  1. Oh, what a cute little candle mat! I might have to make a few of these. Good luck with your yarn, I'm sure it will be beautiful...I often find that a slight "oops" ends up better than my original plan! :)

  2. Thanks so much! I will post some pics of what I end up doing with that fluoro green yarn! And I will so be making the pilot cap that I saw on your littlie!

  3. The candle mat is so cute! I need to make up a few of those!

    I love the green! I am a big fan of bright colours like that!

    1. The candle mat is super quick to make - I am going to make a few more as gifts.
      If you like the green, you should see the playsilks I am dyeing at the moment - I am doing bright rainbow and they ARE BRIGHT!!