Saturday, 11 February 2012

I Loves Me ....... A Musical!


A bit geeky (and not fully appreciated in my home!) but I do love a musical!

As I went outside this morning, I felt rain on my cheek. I said to the kittens who were sleeping on a chair at the back door - I always talk to the animals! - 'Is that a raindrop I feel, kittens?' The perfect segue into a rendition of My Favourite Things from one of my all time favourite musicals,  The Sound of Music. What is not to love about Julie Andrews? I can watch Mary Poppins a million times over as well.

I have also recently re-watched The King and I so have been singing Getting To Know You a lot as well.

And gotta loves those dresses! 

So what are my top ten musicals, if I had to narrow them down?

1. The Sound Of Music

2. Mary Poppins

3. The King And I

4. My Fair Lady

5. Fiddler On The Roof

6. Oklahoma!

7. Les Miserables

8. Kiss Me, Kate

9. The Wizard of Oz

10. Sweeney Todd - just because it is so bizarre! And I love the bit in the movie Jersey Girl where the daughter decides she wants to do a scene from Sweeney Todd for her school talent show!

Have a musical day - I'll be singing!

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