Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A Bit More Knitting

I can feel it in the air - today is the first day I have felt that real nip of autumn. The chilly weather is coming. And I must admit I, for one, will enjoy it - some real knitting weather!

We've already got plenty of autumn leaves from our two oak trees.

I have been knitting away at Cuddlepie's birthday present. Peppa Pig's dress is finished so far.

Very simple TV knitting. 

I have also been working on my new adventure, which I started on Sunday and blogged about here.
I simply love my collection of Stitchcraft magazines and will really enjoy knitting, sewing, embroidering my way through them, as well as researching the history of the different eras and maybe even basing some of my weekly meal plans on recipes from the era.
I have cheated a little and started the first project already (I will blog about it next Sunday, officially!)

It is a 2X2 rib baby vest, with front and back knitted in one piece from a 1933 edition.
Cuddlepie wanted to know why there was a window in my knitting!

If you love vintage patterns, history and crafting, I'd love to see you each Sunday! You can even grab the button from my sidebar (I am still so excited saying that! I sound like a 'real' blogger now!)

And to finish, some drawings from my littlies.

Cuddlepie drew a garden with lots of flowers.

Whirlwind drew himself, me and our cow on the farm. And then wrote this about it:

Sometimes I wonder, especially living in a house full of boys, whether anyone even notices the cleaning that is done. Then I read this! How cute is that!
I always like to have little vases of flowers dotted around the place and now I know at least one of the boys notices.

Linking with Frontier Dreams today for KCCO. Have a lovely week all!


  1. I read your post about your new knitting adventure when you first mentioned it but I didn't realize (or forgot) they went back SO FAR! 1933?!? That's great. You are bound to find some treasures.

    1. They are really interesting. It is amazing how many of the fashions are still totally 'in fashion'. There are some gorgeous patterns there. Just flicking through the covers, there are so many sweaters I would love to make.

  2. so the "window" is the for the head? love the yarn.

    1. Yes! It is knitted in one long piece, the folded in half and sewn down the side seams. I don't know what the yarn is as I have had it in my stash for ages with no label.

  3. I love the drawings done by little hands...so sweet.

    1. I know - they are just so gorgeous! The two littlies would just draw all day.