Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Love Your Library

I can't decide what I am loving in my library this week. I seem to have finished a few projects and have been busy stashing my yarn on Ravelry, so need to look for something new to cast on.

I am casting on this pattern from my Ravelry library. It is the Colin Vest by Doris Chang. I will be using this Jorstad Creek BFL sock yarn, held double. It is a bit of an experiment, so will keep you posted. 

I just want to share some new editions to my library that I am super excited about. My mum and dad have downsized their house and so are downsizing their stuff. So all mum's Stitchcraft magazines came to me! They are from the early 60s to late 70s and after just a quick look at some of the covers, I can see there will be lots of projects coming from these.

What an amazing addition to my library and I didn't have to spend a cent! Just looking through will keep me busy all winter!
What do you think of these patterns? Would you make any of them? 
Maybe that can be my own personal Love Your Library challenge - to knit my way though these magazines? Hmm, that is a thought!

And my post from last week's Yarn Fanatic Party was mentioned at this week's Eye Love Knots Yarn Fanatic Party! How exciting is that?! Well, it makes me jump and down anyway! There are actually people reading this - wow!

Linking today with Snapdragon Crafts for the Love Your Library Challenge.
Look forward to seeing what everyone is up to this week.


  1. I would make the second one it's a classic style and interesting too. But they are great just to look at!

    1. The second one is my favourite too! I can't wait for a rainy day to sit in front of the fire and look through them all!

  2. What a treat to have all of those magazines! I'd definitely make things from them.

    1. Keep a lookout! I think I am up for a challenge!