Monday, 9 March 2015

Apples, Apples Everywhere! And Some Building Too.

Our apple tree is laden! Yesterday we picked five plastic bags full of apples and it looks like we haven't even touched the tree. 

I can't tell you how delicious they are! But we will certainly not be able to eat them all, and even with giving lots away, I had to get to some canning.

First up, some Apple Mint Jelly, using the recipe from Canning For A New Generation. We eat lots of lamb, living here in sheep country, so this is something we always need in the pantry. 

Gotta love a recipe where there is no peeling or coring, just chop and throw it all in! Mind you, there was a lot of waiting for it to drip through the jelly bag.

Next, some apple pie filling, using this recipe - Spiced Apple Pie Filling.

There was too much of this for the canning jars I had, so the leftover was used for apple crumble for dessert. Yum!

And around the farm, the first project is complete! Yay!
Hubby and the boys constructed some compost bays against the old tin shed as the first part of the new garden design. 

The best part was we didn't have to buy a thing. The timber siding was some of the cypress timber that we milled earlier in the year, the tin and the gate were leftover from the old shearing shed that was pulled down and the fence posts were from a pile we collected a few years ago from a property that were replacing their fences. Knew we would need them one day!

I'm very excited that we are finally starting! 

Hopefully this little farm will be very productive for us. 

Hope you had a lovely weekend. It is a public holiday here today, so our weekend is extending a bit!
And any links to apple canning recipes gratefully accepted!


  1. Looks like you have all been busy on your little farm. Yes the apple trees are abundant this year and it is great to get them bottled into the pantry. I usually just stew them and then bottle them using my fowlers, then I slice some and often put rhubarb with them using the same fowlers method. This way I can make crumble by just opening a bottle or make apple pie the same. I don't do too many other things with apples, I might dry some this year, but we'll see what time permits. I try and get over 60 bottles in the pantry each year and that lasts us, I could always use more. Thanks for sharing you life with us at Good Morning Mondays Jayne, blessings.

    1. wow, 60 bottles! I don't even have room to store that much - I wish I did! We went out to Tabor today and saw more apple trees on the roadside. We don't need any more but I hope someone uses them as I don't like to see waste. I am making applesauce this evening. Love rhubarb too, but ours is all finished already.

  2. Dear Jayne,
    Loved visiting for the first time today.
    We are planning a visit to an orchard this week to pick apples . The children are so excited about it.
    I noticed you love Tasha Tudor and old fashioned things too.
    We have a little in common I think

    1. Thanks so much for coming to visit! I so love Tasha Tudor - she was an amazing lady! I wish I could be as strong as her. Have fun with the apple picking!

  3. There's never a dull moment in farm life. I miss it on most days. I had an apple orchard when I was growing up as a little girl. I never learned to do many of the things you mentioned, but I sure do wish I had.

    1. I am only just learning. But it is lots of fun, even though hard work. Very rewarding. Thanks for visiting!