Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Colour Monday

Over at Porch Swing Quilts, where I am linking today for Colour Monday, this post is actually called 'Make-A-List Colour Monday'. I am always loathe to make a list as I never seem to achieve it! I know I have a tendency to spend more time making the list than doing the list! Maybe I could just make a list with one or two items on it?!

So my 'list' for this week is:
  • Start (maybe even finish?) Colin Vest.
  • Finish Easter Bunny dishcloth.
  • Unpack four more boxes from move - and organise contents! I am making this a small number so it will actually be achieved. Plus they are full of wool, organising which means logging it all on Ravelry. 
  • Dig over daffodil area ready for planting.
  • Keep stick picking in the paddock.
  • Research/plan apron design for The Great 2015 Apron Swap. Retro and red are my clues to my partner's style! Ideas, anyone?!
That is enough for me, as I should actually achieve those!

Now on to the colour fun!

Today's theme is 'Home'. It does not have to be your current home, but I guess it can be like the saying 'Home is where the heart is.' 

This is the local church, attached to the school my boys attend.

Have a lovely week!

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