Friday, 13 March 2015

Anything Finished This Friday?

And the answer is yes!

The Colin vest for Cuddlepie is finished (I talked about it in this Yarn Along post).

I really like how it has turned out. And super easy pattern - great TV knitting!

This shawl is one I knitted quite a while ago (before I started keeping good notes on my knitting!), so I do not remember the pattern I used or the yarn (I thought it was Fyberspates but cannot find a sparkle lace in their collection). Except that it was a laceweight with a bit of sparkle. I don't know if you can see the silver in the photo.

It is so lovely and light. I knitted it to wear to my daughter's deb two years ago.

I have been enjoying a new linky party called Wool On Sundays at Rainbow Hare. IN a previous post at Rainbow Hare, I was reading how Janine was going to make 2014 the year of USP.

(USP = useful things, saleable items, presents)

I thought in my Year of No Superfluous Spending this would be a good idea to take on board. I had already decided that I would try and make as many gifts as possible this year (anyone with ANY great ideas for men and 10 year old boys, you would be my friend for life!)
But I also need to spend time making useful items. It is easy to get carried away making items because they are cute or pretty, but they need to have a use.

Of course, this quote from William Morris comes to mind:

And with so many items, these two functions can overlap and we should try to make them overlap. If you need a new tea towel, pretty it up a little. If you need some new cereal bowls, buy the prettiest ones you can afford. We all need some loveliness in the everyday.

Which brings me to the next quote I found from William Morris:

May we all find happiness in our everyday. 

Linking today with Wisdom Begins In Wonder for Fibre Arts Friday and Hard Knit Life for Freshly Finished Friday.

It was the boys' sports day today and they both did very well. Legoman missed out on age champion by a whisker.


  1. The Colin vest looks like it fits well on the shoulders. A popular one I have seen around seems to fall off the shoulders so I have put your one in my Ravelry favourites. Oh the shawl is just devine. Your boys must be very proud of themselves:)

    1. They are pretty happy with their ribbons! The Colin vest is a super easy pattern and it does seem to fit well. I knitted the biggest size which says 18-24 months and Cuddlepie is three and a half (admittedly a little 3 year old!)

  2. I love that first WM quote. Now, to put it into action. Love the vest! Way to go boys!!

    1. Thanks - I love your stripy vest too. I am going to start making things look lovelier around here, a hard task with a house full of boys who couldn't care less as long as there is enough food to eat! Oh well, I'll be doing it for me and maybe they will notice eventually!

  3. The vest looks great.
    For your request for gift ideas for men and 10 year olds...both of my children and my husband as well specifically request a new pair of knit slippers around Christmas time. Sometimes I make them, sometimes I don't (so they don't know if they are getting them or not). Also my 12 year old has been wanting a tie for a couple of years, so this year I knit him one for his stocking (there's one on the Purl Bee that I used as inspiration). And if they listen to music, a knit earbud string cover (you may have to google it - I think I found one on Ravelry though) to keep them untangled is on my list of things to make for this year's stockings.

  4. They are great ideas - thanks! I also had phone covers on my list. Not sure though if that would be considered cool! That is the hardest factor. After being homeschooled and now going to school, my ten year old is majorly concerned with what is cool and what all the other kids do and have. Sigh!

  5. OOOOOH! That shawl is gorgeous! The vest is too darn adorable. What great projects to have finished.

    1. Thanks! The shawl is lovely, so light and cobwebby.