Friday, 20 March 2015

FO Friday

I have finished the Ruffled Scarf In A Scarf and really love it.

The attached I-cord loops are something I have never seen before and I thought were super clever.
I can see this would make a lovely, quick gift to knit up.

Selfies and knitwear never work! But neither do small boys and cameras!

Do you love vintage knitting, sewing and embroidery? Vintage advertising? Vintage homemaking and recipes? Then I would love to invite you to visit on Sunday as I begin an exciting new project. 

It involves these lovely magazines and is called:

Please drop by on Sunday to get all the details - I would love to have you join me!

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  1. Ah hahaha...I love your comment that knit wear and selfies don't go together, but either do little boys and cameras. Our lives have many parallels, it seems. I have tried repeatedly to "teach" the boys to take pictures while I am modelling something I need to shoot, or if I need to use both hands. Yesterday, I finally realized it's so SO much easier to get one of them to hold the project EXACTLY how I tell them to and I take the picture.

    1. You've done well then if you can get them to hold something exactly still and where you want it! I have lots of blurry shots from trying to do that! Hence why my projects are always hanging from a chair or the hall stand or on the floor!

  2. That scarf is so fun! Crafts that mix materials are always so interesting to me.

    1. I love it too - something different is always good!

  3. Replies
    1. It is something different - I love how it turned out!