Thursday, 5 March 2015

Around The Homestead Today

Just a little trip around the homestead today - a lovely autumn day with just a little nip in the air to remind us winter is on the way.

Beautiful autumn skies.


Straw bales waiting to mulch the new garden beds over winter - currently useful as a play area.

Spectacular oak trees in the front of the house, complete with two swings and a tree house.

Prolific lemon tree, even though its trunk snapped halfway through in a storm last year. We propped it up, thinking it would die, and it is just as productive as ever. Just finished a huge crop of lemons and now covered in green lemons and flowers again.

The apples are SO close to picking - just have to beat the birds to it. 

Free pallets from the local garden supply centre, waiting to become something. Probably compost bays.

Not many flowers around at the moment.

Also not many plants around at the moment, until the new garden beds are ready to go. But this is my lovely mint plant.
Cuddlepie smelled the mint this morning and said, 'This plant is lovely, Mum. It smells just like toothpaste.'

View across the very dry back paddock. It should be green in a few weeks.

Hope you enjoyed my tour of the homestead. 

And Cuddlepie and Sugar say:


  1. Oh I miss the days of the tree swing. The one we had when the boys were young rotted over time and was replaced with a tarzan rope when they got bigger. I did enjoy having a quick sit down on the swing when it was there. Maybe this summer I will try to put a new one up again...

    1. The tree swings are always a huge hit with visiting children. They are just lovely under those trees, especially when it is hot.

  2. What a beautiful tour!! I would love to spend an afternoon beneath the oak trees :)

    1. They are so wonderful in summer - it always a few degrees cooler under there.